I know, we’re waiting for rain…

Spring is ready with all that bursting energy, I’m ready…
So ready, I’ve filled my dance card! Wonderful things on their way.

It wasn’t always like this for me. I used to feel like I was waiting for life to happen. Waiting for it to start. Waiting until I became a proper grown up (or something!) to start all those things I dreamed about. I hadn’t realised I was saying no. A lot.

I was saying no. A lot


Maybe I had this “NO!” from my older brother who teased and taunted me as a kid. Regardless of the conditions that planted the pattern, it took me until my 30’s to see how this “no” hampered my life. My path was unclear. I was mired in doubt and confusion.It’s not that “no” is a bad word. Using it keeps us safe from all manner of potential abuse, but I was overusing it. It was like driving around with the brakes on. Lots of energy, but not getting very far. Maybe you’ve had this experience too??

Driving around with the brakes on

My first “Yes” was starting my Yoga Teacher Training in 1997 (yes, that’s 20 years ago!!). Slowly, my “no” to life, changed to a “YES” to life.

I’m profoundly grateful for the path

Now it’s YES!

(My brother and I even owned a house together for some time. We’re good now 🙂

Even so, now the brakes are off, I can still struggle to find that balance between going with the flow and structuring life so that it works for me.

Is now the time for graceful feminine unfolding, or do I need masculine scaffolding and effort to make sure things get on the list and get done?

How do I even recognise this struggle is happening in me??

If doubt, confusion and stuckness arrive… I say “hello my old friend”

And we dance!!!

As we all pray for rain… Join me…

Community Offerings

Saturday & Sunday 24 – 25 November

9am – 4.30pm daily

Stop Struggling And Start Flourishing

2 day Workshop Utilising ACT Principles

Chenrezig Institute, Edulo


Details and Booking Here

You either move toward something you love or away from something you fear. The first expands the second constricts.
Tom Crum


8-10 December

Friday Evening 6pm – Sunday Afternoon 3pm

Seeds of Joy, Paths to Freedom – Meditation and Yoga Retreat

with NeLi Martin and Courtney Zohs (Zoe)

Bellbunya Eco Retreat and Sustainability Community
114 Browns Road
Belli Park Q 4562

$350 Accommodation & Food Costs + Dana

Details and Booking Here

Just before Christmas madness, Rest and Replenish are available in this moment


For Mental Health Professionals


Bellbunya Eco Retreat and Sustainability Community
114 Browns Road
Belli Park Q 4562

200 hours over 12 months

(standard = Yoga Alliance RYT and provisional teacher Yoga Australia)
6 Weekends + 1 x 8 day study retreat

March 2018 – February 2019

Weekends in 2018
(Friday evening until Sunday afternoon)

16, 17 & 18 March

27, 28 & 29 April

15,16 & 17 June

10, 11, 12 August

19-28 October (8 days)

30 Nov – 2 Dec

Completing in 2019

15, 16 & 17 Feb

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I’m so excited to have you join us on this journey