Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreats

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Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreats

NeLi Martin

Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreats are periodically offered freely.

Next offering: Dates TBC


NeLi has spent collectively more than one year in silent meditation practice on retreat, Zoe, many months. We know the terrain of the inner life intimately. We’re honoured to facilitate this exploration for you…

Silence is an opportunity to listen, open, come home to yourself, and find yourself intimately connected to everything!!

With a warm heart, NeLi and Zoe will offer teachings and practices from the Buddhist Western Insight tradition and Yoga traditions. Our mindfulness meditation practice and inquiry will focus on developing and integrating the profound practices of Friendliness / Loving Kindness (Metta), within the four Divine Abodes (Brahma Viharas). Developing a friendly way of “seeing” can be transformative to regular mindfulness / insight practice.

This retreat is about EVOLVING HEART and developing Loving Kindness

With Yoga, we will combine breath, movement, posture and attention to align the body, heart and mind to our purposes. You will also be invited to a celebratory Dharma Dance session towards the end of our retreat.
Dharma talks and meditation instructions will give us the opportunity to learn, explore and deepen practices in all forms; sitting, standing, moving and lying down.

All activities will be scheduled for your support and are optional to allow for your individual needs. The retreat is suitable for those new to meditation and yoga practice and those with experience. Everybody has the opportunity to flourish in this sacred container of silent retreat…

Silence will support our deep rest and self-nurturing.

This retreat is an invitation to allow an EVOLUTION IN OUR HEARTS.