kind words about NeLi

“NeLi is an integral part of supporting me to be a better psychologist. She has a wonderful ability to sit with a person and meet them where they are at. She is non-judgement and insightful, creating a place where I am able process any issues that arise for me, both within my role as a psychologist and personally. During our mentoring sessions I have felt emotionally safe and respected, able to explore my emotional response to work and life. NeLi has provided a strong support to further develop my awareness and understanding.”

A wonderful gift!

Cheryl McMahon, Psychologist

“The meditation you lead me through was just so wonderful. I suspect is a bit of a life changer for me. It has really left a mark.”


“NeLi provides a safe and welcoming space to inspire everyone to explore pathways to achieve a healthy mental, physical and emotional life. NeLi’s unique blending of wisdom from psychology, Buddhism and Yoga have guided me to explore and connect with an authentic potential to transform my values into joy, happiness and fulfilment. Her knowledge, kindness and curiosity for excellence interconnect and combine beautifully to support the creation of a vital life.”


Heart Canyon

“NeLi, You have helped me more than all the years of other methods. I never thought I’d have this much peace and resilience.”


more kind words about NeLi

“NeLi creates a safe, gentle place; filled with genuine kindness and a well balanced fusion of her skills, knowledge and experiences.

This wonderful woman truly connects with her students and blend a wealth of yoga, meditation & mindfulness techniques that become life long tools to take away and use toward living a more vital life.”


“NeLi is an experienced and supportive facilitator. After a day in nature, led by her in yoga and sitting and walking meditation, I felt replenished and rejuvenated. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking an insightful experience.”

Renae Jarrett, Psychologist

“NeLi skilfully offered a safe, fulfilling, enriching and refreshing practice of yoga and walking and sitting meditations.

Afterwards, I was more reflective and able to remain mindful and more insightful. This enabled me to review my intentions for this year, something I hadn’t managed to do until now.

I was also able to feel more deeply connected with life, noticing for example a plant or a tree standing out from the others. Appreciating these simple moments, I was able to mindfully attend to tasks in what has been a chaotic stage in my life.

I experienced a sense of freedom while practising a discipline. I enjoyed physically exerting myself within my capacity. It was delightful to experience communication without speaking.

Many thanks

Jenny Cooper”

I felt safe and supported during the mindfulness meditation and yoga retreats with NeLi. Her kindness and compassion as a human being creates this environment. She teaches yoga in a way that invites participation and inquiry. It’s ok for me to be exactly as I am, body and mind. I am ok to rest in either child pose or dog pose depending on how my body is doing in that moment. It was also a relief to allow any mind states to simply be themselves too. I’ve been able to utilise some great tools to navigate through life. It was also fun to learn yoga dance!”


NeLi Martin

Each time I attend a yoga or mindfulness training offered by NeLi I arrive in need of tending. Whether it’s solace, rest, energy or learning that I seek, I know I’ll be offered a chance to find it. In workshops and retreats, NeLi creates a space where you can find ease quickly and begin to build the confidence to practice new skills. She is warm, funny and experienced as a teacher and as a student, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”


“For me, the guidance and teachings by NeLi feels authentic; they are from real life experience, are relevant and from the heart. This greatly enhances my learning and spiritual well being :)”

Garry Claridge