200 hr Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training for Women Working in Mental Health & Related Fields

Would you love to feel centred, present and resilient in your work?

Are you tired of burn-out and stress?

Join us for an in-depth 200 hour, year long, yoga and mindfulness teacher training. It will give you inner depth and confidence, both in your own practice, and in sharing these ancient practices with your clients and others.

Our training gives you the tools and embodied wisdom you need to be centred, creative and inspired in both your work and personal life.

Is this program for you? YES

  • if you know the power of yoga and meditation practice in your own life

  • if you are a woman mental health professional or a health professional with an interest in mental health

  • if you have, or are developing, your own yoga and mindfulness meditation practice

  • if you want to practice, learn and develop in supportive community of like mind professional women

  • if you desire to bring more body based interventions to your work with clients / patients for more direct impact and longer lasting effects

This is a face to face course. Real people. Real time. Real learning.

You will learn how to apply research findings in neuroscience and somatic therapies to your personal life and with your clients in individual and group settings.

Our mental and emotional health is linked to our physical health. You will learn yoga practices to calm the nervous system and rebalances the hormones via the endocrine system. You will feel simultaneously at ease and energised.

You will learn to combine breath, movement, posture and attention to create powerful changes in your body and mind. With Mindfulness Meditation practice you will develop calm and insight; leading you to a meaningful and purposeful life.

NeLi Martin

Deepen your own understanding through practice

Develop confidence and the ability to share yoga and mindfulness with others from your own practice

How it works

200 Hour Teacher Training Curriculum

Science of Yoga – Body Systems Anatomy and Physiology

  • Through a Western lens, you will gain knowledge and understanding of the muscle, bone and nervous systems.

Yogic Physiology

  • Through a Yoga lens, you will gain knowledge and understanding of energetic systems of the body.

Techniques of Body Movement

  • Using Western understanding of anatomy and physiology and Yoga energetics, you will learn, in your own body, principles of alignment in postures – Asana; sequencing, transitions/flow, restoratives, benefits and precautions

Techniques of Breath Science

  • You will experientially explore how a range of traditional Yoga Pranayama and other breath practices impact our physiology and mental and emotional health.

Techniques of Meditation

  • You will deepen your own practice and understanding of mindfulness and other meditation practices, including concentration, visualisation, loving kindness, mantra and yoga nidra. You will learn from your own experience and reflection how these impact your nervous system and subsequent physical, mental and emotional health. Through these practices, you will develop the capacity for kindness, joy, compassion and equanimity.

Philosophy and Ethics

  • Off the mat and away from the cushion is where we see the real fruits of our practice. In our relationship with others and the world, attitude and approach is everything. We will explore the basics of the paths of Yoga and Buddhist philosophy, and how these integrate into your own values system to develop a lifestyle that supports your practice as a health or mental health practitioner. You will explore the ethics of the teacher role and how it compares to and integrates with your role as a health or mental health practitioner. We will cover Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Framework for understanding mindfulness and behaviour activation.

Delivery of Techniques

  • When you are steeped in your own practice, sharing with others becomes natural. You will learn how to share your wisdom with a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical populations. Voice, demonstration and physical adjustments, as well as interviewing, coaching and leading meditation practice will be covered. You will learn to integrate and distinguish your role as a yoga and mindfulness teacher and mental health or health professional.

Teaching is cumulative, so students must attend all modules. Learning involves lectures, yoga and mindfulness meditation (practiced each day in session), group activities, self-reflection and home study and practice.

  • Mindfulness – Joseph Goldstein
  • The Heart of Yoga – TKV Desikachar

Please contact NeLi to discuss fees

$135 per person per night twin share or dormitory  (possible options to camp for fee reduction or to stay off site in other local accommodation for more comfort)
Venue:  Bellbunya
114 Browns Road
Belli Park, Queensland 4562
(35 minutes from Sunshine Coast Airport)

Delivery Structure

  • 6 Weekends (Friday evening until Sunday afternoon) plus 9 day study retreat. (Friday evening until the following Sunday afternoon)

Specific Dates TBC

  • Deposit – $700 to secure your place. If you do not begin the course, we return this if we are able to fill your space minus $100 admin fee, otherwise no refund.
  • If your have fully paid and begin, but are not able to complete the course, you may transfer to next year for an additional $700.

To book yourself on this program, please complete the registration form and make payment to

Commonwealth Bank Australia

BSB 06 4449
Acc 1048 1867

Please use your initial and surname and “EMEH” in the reference

If you wish to use a payment plan, please speak with NeLi about this before making the deposit.

  • Yoga Alliance 200 hour – Registered Yoga Teacher standard
  • Yoga Australia 200 hour – Provisional Teacher standard (150 hours will be offered in 2019 so you can complete to 350 hour Level 1 Teacher standard)


NeLi Martin and Courtney Zohs (Zoe)

Your teachers, Zoe and NeLi met in 2016 and immediately formed a wonderful connection and friendship due to their mutual love of Yoga and Buddhist Dharma. They have taught together monthly Seeds Of Joy” yoga meditation and Dharma discussion as well as a 3 day silent meditation and yoga retreats.

NeLi Martin and Courtney Zohs (Zoe)

This course will change your life from the inside out, 
change the lives of those you work with

Get out of your head, into your body and open your heart

Awareness or listening
is a doorway to have
the body open, the mind
rest and the heart love

The mind is embodied in our cellular being. Everything we think and emotionally feel is revealed in our body. We can train mind, body and heart through Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.

There is a revolution in mental healthcare where mind-body practices are increasingly recognised for their ability to compliment other therapy, and in certain situations, even used as an alternative.

Join us in this evolution!

Grounded, centred and open-heartedly present to
the core of our own being, we are then available for others