What if you could sail through your menopause, looking great with natural vitality and calm? You can; find out how

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Discover the power to navigate menopause with ease. With my proven tools, say goodbye to mood swings, irritation and anxiety as we navigate insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, bone loss, achey joints, weight gain, sexual and urinary issues.

Say hello to your vital, calm, wise woman.

I’m honoured to guide you through your menopause transition.

Like many women navigating menopause, you may find yourself overwhelmed by a myriad of symptoms, unsure of where to turn for relief. I want you to know it’s not all downhill from here and HRT is not your only option*. Our programs are designed with your journey in mind, understanding the unique challenges you face and offering a roadmap to reclaim your vitality so you can thrive during this transformative phase of life.

The greatest story of humanity is the comeback story.

Empower yourself on your menopause transformation journey by discovering, practicing and implementing proven strategies from ancient Yoga, Taoist and Meditation traditions as well as contemporary neuroscience. Our programs, provide clear, step-by-step guidance tailored to address all your experiences of menopause, ensuring a natural and holistic approach to your well-being.

Taoism considers Menopause to be a Second Spring for Women. Find out how with our programs.

Successful menopause means reclaiming control over your life, experiencing renewed vitality, and embracing each day with confidence and joy; Rising into your Wise Woman.

Your Menopause Journey is your Wise Woman Rising.

Without the right support, continued struggle and frustration may hinder your journey, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your best self. You don’t want to waste these years navigating the change, trying to manage this important transition on your own, in the dark.

Meet NeLi

Hi, I’m NeLi Martin. Fuelled by my quest to understand life, the universe and everything, I studied and became a psychologist straight out of school. Erroneously, I thought it was my job to “fix what was broken in others”. This misconception only left me feeling fragmented and ineffective as a therapist, on the brink of burnout early in my career. In 1992, I embarked on a transformative journey of yoga and meditation to restore my body, heart, and mind. I walk this path daily; after years of dedicated and sincere practice, I know in my bones no-one; not me, not you; none of my clients are broken.

However, when my own menopause started relatively early at 45, I was shocked by my symptoms; anxiety, insomnia, brain fog and hot flushes / flashes. “Why was this happening to me???? I’ve done yoga and meditation for DECADES!! This is not who I am!”, I thought indignantly.

Since that time, in 2011, I’ve been honing my Yoga, Taoist, Buddhist meditation and psychological interventions on myself; navigating my own menopausal journey with earnest practice… Indeed those symptoms were not me. They are not you either. Like all of life’s transitions and challenges, menopause is another opportunity to rise and shine… Now in post menopause I’m ready to serve you…

I guide and coach women through the Perimenopause, Menopause and Post-menopause Journey to their Wise Woman Rising.


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Overcome insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, hot flushes and more. Learn practical tools you can implement today to radically change your experience of MENOPAUSE without HRT*. I want you to know it’s not all downhill from here.

The Tao of Menopause

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  • 12 sessions over 15 weeks x 2 hours

  • Walking the Path of The Tao of Menopause.

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  • Access To Private Members Group Online
  • Mentoring to help integrate the changes you need to have a successful menopause transition
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Values and Purpose

At The Tao of Menopause, we value Health, Vitality, Natural Wellbeing and Care.

Our purpose is to guide and support women through their Menopause Transition with natural behavioural alternatives (and adjuncts) to HRT; to thrive in their wisdom years.

We believe when women live strong, empowered by choice and in tune with their nature, the greater world will benefit from our wisdom and compassion.

*At The Tao Of Menopause we believe every woman has a right to choose. You should discuss your decision for HRT (or not) with your doctor. We do not prescribe HRT. We offer natural and behavioural alternatives and adjuncts to any medical interventions you may require. Menopause is not a disease.